Friday, March 8, 2013

Pain Pain Pain

Well, Pain is back again with a vengeance !! Something is going on that I can't figure out so
yesterday I went to my primary care doctors office to see her nurse. Don't think I"ve seen my actual
doctor since 2011 or more. Anyway, I had to deal with some urinary track stuff and also asked if I could have an X-Ray to see if I've fractured anything due to the enormous pain I'm currently in. The nurse finally agreed and hopefully today I'll find out what the results are, if any. Not sure what would happen next. I just want to know whats happening ya know?

I can't even use my right arm much because it then hurts the area on my back shoulder blade area right away. I am learning to use my left arm and hand to do most things. I have a couple of left handed friends and one who uses both for the most part. I figure at least I can try something new. :)

I just hate having pain that is getting in the way of my living and visiting with people.

This coming weekend I"m seeing my dear friend from when we used to be neighbors and friends in NC while I was in massage school. She is now living back in New Orleans. Anyhow....she is coming up to see me this weekend and I"m so afraid that I'll be so out of it by being drugged up that she'll be sitting around watching me sleep. I don't want that to happen! Not now!!


Its out of my control at the moment and I'm just praying that this pain will subside soon.

My nurse has increased the morphine even before the pain started and it isn't working at all. I've tried Icing, made it so much worse, I've tried massaging it myself and using a strong pain tincture, nothing is working. FRUSTRATING!!!

Ok, I'm done with that. I just hate it when it overshadows the rest of my life. Very annoying.

I do hope you all are feeling well and enjoying this March so far.

Love and Laughter and Joy to you all!

This photo was taken by my mom when we were visiting Wolfes Neck Farm. I love the animals there. They are so healing. They seemed to be in line waiting to be scratched on the nose, :)


S. R. Roy said...

You're in my prayers, Jenn. I hope your visit with Amanda can be a joyful respite from the tough journey you're on.

Love you!


Lisa H. said...

Hi Jenn, I've just been catching up on your blog. I wish there were something I could do about your pain. I hope it gets better and that you have a good visit with your friend. I love the photos of the animals! I could pet fuzzy animals all day long, what about you? : )
Love Lisa H.