Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day Twenty Five

Walked to Radiation today. Its been summer like temps the last two days and supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.

Today I saw Mr A, sweet as ever, he gave me a small book he had published in 2006, but had started writing the stories in 1954. He signed it to me. Very thoughtful.

The two techs today are sick with colds, so i was hoping they wouldnt get too close. I really don't want to be sick. The exhaustion has been very intense. I find i'm resting more and more. The techs took another x-ray today. I have one once a week. I swear i must glow in the dark from all the radiation i've had. I could probably fry an egg.

So, yesterday i met with my oncologist. We talked for a long time. He's really great about letting me ask as many questions as i want and giving me very in depth answers. We discussed hormone therapy and the options. I have strong concerns about Tamoxifen.

Unfortunately pre menopausal women don't have as many choices as post menopausal women, as far as drugs are concerned. I need to decide if i want to go into menopause permanently, or temporarily, thus having two menopauses. I already had a mini one when my ovaries shut down during chemo, that was no fun at all! I don't plan on having children but the risks of early menopause are there. There are risks of osteoporosis and other things.....If i take the drugs there are a lot of major concerns/risks to think about.

If i do nothing, my chances of my cancer coming back are higher. My onc said that the hormone therapy would decrease my chances of getting the cancer back, by about 15-20 percent.

I meet with my doctor again on October 22nd with my decision.

On my walk home today i saw lots of monarch butterflies. There was one huge one on the grass, i decided to kneel down next to it and see if it would climb on my fingers. It did for a few seconds. what a feeling.....to feel the gentle touch of a butterfly on your fingertips. Theres nothing like it.

Only 8 more to go!

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