Monday, September 24, 2007

Day Twenty Four

Woke up early to the eerie sound of a cat fight, or a cat very upset. I don't like that sound, my cat didn't either. I couldn't get back to sleep even though it was still dark out.

I listened to the early morning sounds, the birds waking up, the sun growing brighter in the sky. I saw the signature V shape of a bunch of geese, probably Canadian geese, flying west. Reminded me of that wonderful movie Winged Migration.

I went to a benefit fundraiser even for the Cancer Community Center I like to go to. It was a beautiful day for it. The event was held at a place that has trails and beautiful areas to hang out in and enjoy. People raised over $40,000.00 for the event! So great! My dad and stepmom walked with me. We did the 5K walk, there were some hills but not too bad. We made it ok. It felt good to accomplish something like that. I remember being able to hike mountains, nothing major but still a mountain, and not i'm lucky to get up a hill, but i know it takes time. I will get there again. Slowly but surely.

Walked to the hospital today, nice sunny day again.

Today i was told that the techs had to set up the area that's going to be "boosted" on the last five days. They had to draw dots around the incision area, the one that had the tumor, and take a picture, get a metal molding-type plate that fits so the opening is big enough for the radiation to go to the incision area but not other areas, i believe thats the procedure.

My arm was losing all circulation from keeping my arm up for the regular treatment and then for the set up time, pins and needles and throbbing.

Then i met with one of the nurses, the one i like, M. She weighed me, gained one pound, must have been the cookout yesterday. I met with yet another radiologist i had never met. I liked him ok, Mr M. He has nice blue eyes. I asked him about the boost and if it was going to be a much higher dosage of radiation and apparently they start out with "grey/gray one and go up", whatever that means. so, yes, they will start at one level and go up for the remaining sessions. I'm getting 5 boosts. I asked if i will be really wiped out due to the boosts, and he said that because the radiation is cumulative i will be feeling more tired only because i will have had 28 treatments before the boosts start and the fatigue will hit me around that time and be pretty tired for a week or two after i finish up. Doctor M at least answered my questions, but he seemed anxious to get going somewhere else, busy busy.

I see my Oncologist today, to discuss hormone therapy and my choices. On to the next phase of treatment.

Only 9 more to go!

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