Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day Twenty Six

Hot, hot hot today, and pretty humid, although there's a breeze.

Walked to the hospital today.

The sun is coming up later and later in the morning, its hard to get out of bed when its still dark out.

Not much to report today, my head is still swirling with the latest information on the choices i need to make soon.

I spoke with another patient who is getting radiation around the same time I am. Mr J, he told me how amazed he is how tired he gets after not doing too much. He said he is moving in with his girlfriend and was just moving boxes from one room to the other on saturday night and after just a little while he said he was hit hard with fatigue, his sleep was disturbed and he had a low grade fever with chills. Hmmmmmm, sounds familiar. Can't be related to radiation though, thats what the doctors told me. Yeah, right. He is half way through his treatments, i remember wondering if i'd make it to the half way part. Now i only have 7 more to go!

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