Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, i caught another virus of some kind. I suppose my radar isn't on like it was during chemo, i was so careful with washing hands and staying away from crowds etc... i'm in with the general population now. Its been a relief to not think about it so much, but now i'm sick more.

Most of me wants to walk and socialize. Move my body. If i do that i could end up bed ridden for a while, so i need to rest. I get stir crazy. I've been resting since friday afternoon. I want to be well now. Things to do, people to see. I'm not the most patient person when i'm sick, not that i'm the most patient to begin with. I'm working on it.

I took a yoga class friday morning and realized how my muscles are atrophied from all the sitting around all year. I have been walking but that only uses certain muscles. During a couple of "easy" poses my muscles wanted to spasm and seize up. Scary feeling. I have to start all over again i guess. Start getting my muscles back in shape.

I had been in the doctors office the other day and noticed how these six kids were entertaining themselves with common objects. There was one parent and six kids in a doctors office. Usually that combo could be intense on the noise level. These kids were basically quiet. Two young boys were making their paper cups into sailboats, putting them on the ground and blowing the "sails". They were racing the boats. They did this very quiet. Another boy would crawl under seats and find small areas to challenge himself with, to see if he'd fit. One girl was reading. One boy sat next to his mom and watched her read. They all made little sound and yet were doing something. It amazed me. They didnt need hand held video games or loud toys to entertain them. The childs mind is so creative, i think we adults forget that sometimes.

I look at my cat who loves to play with milk rings and pieces of crumpled up paper.

I'm not sure why i chose to write about that, it has been on my mind. Creativity.

oh, and i made my decision on thursday after i met with my oncologist. I am going to have a hysterectomy, hopefully laproscopically, then go on Aromatase Inhibitors about two or so weeks after the surgery. I should find out next week when the surgery is. My gynecologist will hopefully be performing the surgery at the hospital i like. She said i'd be at the hospital one night. I'm hoping to still be able to go to London for New Years. Fingers crossed.

Now, back to bed.....ugh.....

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