Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day of filming

WOW! What a day today was!
I am exhausted and probably won't write too much but wanted to just say a couple of words. 

The two film makers Sharyn and Kevin showed up at my apt around 10am and we got started shooting probably around 10:30-ish, around 1:15pm we broke for lunch for about 45 mins, where I mostly shut my eyes to charge up my batteries. 

Then around 2:30 we shot again until 4:00. That was a whole lotta talkin' on my part, not used to that lately anyway.

I hope they got what they wanted and that it came across ok. Lots of questions asked and my responses took off in lots of directions. 

Stewie got to be in the film too. He was such a ham! 

They may not come back at all to interview me, but Kevin will come back to do some quiet shooting of my place and maybe scan some pictures, that kind of thing. So interesting, the whole process. 

I felt a bit of pressure to get it ALL out, what I wanted to say and to hopefully say things with clarity and understanding. I will trust that I said what needed to be said and I know that Sharyns' beautiful film making magic will result in a beautiful 15 minute film.

I hope that someone out there will find some inspiration from or help from the film, or maybe it will just be thought provoking? Who knows? It just felt like, to me, that something of my story/journey gets out there in some way. 

More later, this girl needs to stop writing/chatting and rest.

Peace and Love and Dark Chocolate Kisses to you all!

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Anonymous said...

Yayyy Jenn, glad you got to do some filming after all!

Love Larry