Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hi Ya'll

I just wanted to share how my Valentines Day went today.

I think I've mentioned that Valentines Day is not a favorite holiday for me. At least not in past years.

So, I thought I'd try and make today be about LOVE and being with friends. It doesn't have
to mean being with a boyfriend or romantic partner. It can be a wonderful day to remember what love means to so many people in so many ways.

I made lots of new cards with my photography and a friend is selling some (hopefully) at a great event happening tonight. She offered to put some of my cards in a basket. I hope they got seen and maybe some are out there in the world. So nice to think that they will be here even after I"m gone. I know most will be recycled or thrown away, thats what we do with most cards after a while right? I've saved some over the years. But they add up! Especially being a cancer survivor and getting cards all the time, which at the time was beautiful and very much appreciated. Its just that over the last 6 years especially, I would have boxes of them. Some people that have passed, I've kept some of their cards so maybe others will do that with mine? Makes me smile to think so.

I got to hang out with my mom this morning and that was fun! She gave me some special items and one was a small painting of some mourning doves! I had taken a bunch of pictures of "my" doves out my window during the last snow storm and she took a couple pics. I had no idea that she was planning on giving me the painting. Its so precious! I really love it. I feel the love she put into making it too. Thank you mom!

I then had a really good time with my dear friend Gen. We were delayed in getting out and about this afternoon partly due to my intestinal issues still hanging on a bit, and then my sink needed repairing, so by the time we got out, the sun was getting ready to set in about an hour or less. It ended up being the perfect time of day for some wonderful pictures. I didn't have a huge amount of energy so maybe having the light go away was a good thing because I really wanted to keep going. I remember saying to Gen, just a little bit more..... to the corner. Lets cross the street........ and then I looked up the street that has a bit of an incline and knew.....nope. Not a good idea. I did do quite a bit anyway.

Gen was so flexible with our plans. She bought us both a hot beverage and a fancy schmancy cup cake. They are known for having expensive cupcakes so we were both reluctant to a point. I tell you what....that was an amazing cupcake. I think it may be worth the price. YUMM! I feel like John Travoltas character in Pulp Fiction. "Thats the best five dollah milk shake I ever had", or something along those lines. Happy Birthday tomorrow Gen!!

I was sent some fun pics on my phone of my step siblings out on their Valentines' dates. It was so joy-filled and I saw LOVE. So great! I know this sounds like I"m on ecstasy or something, but I assure you i'm not. I just sometimes feel like I'm getting it for the first time. Some say that as you get closer to the other side that you gain bits and pieces of the reason why we humans are here on Earth. What the real purpose is. That bits of information come at you and then when you DO die, then you get a LOT more info on the big picture. I don't know if it would be ALL of the "picture'.

Who knows but something inside me feels like this is true. I keep having these moments of just "getting it".

As Oprah says...."an Ah-Ha moment"

Thank you all for reading and for posting comments

Happy V-Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy V Day to you too Jenn! <3

Love Larry

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, You are My Very Favorite Blog Author! (Now handing you a Big Blue Ribbon :D) Your sage insight into life around you is appreciated. Thank you for sharing your experiences...which you generously offer, even when you may not be feeling well. Namaste, Sheryl (from CCC)