Monday, September 17, 2007

Day Nineteen

Chilly morning, brrrrr, fall is here for sure.

My landlord hasnt turned on the heat yet, and with my a/c still in my window, it gets a bit cold in my small apartment. I'm hoping I can get some help from one of my burly men friends to help me put the a/c in storage soon.

Walked to treatment, beautiful sunny day. I'm at the point where if it was hot out i may go without a scarf on, but right now its a bit too cold. Not sure i feel as comfortable with the short doo just yet, hasnt quite filled in all the way. Probably in a couple of weeks i can show off the new me., at least the new me with some hair.

Apparently they are not radiating my back anymore, only the node and breast area. The last week will be what they call the "boost" time, where they will be focused only on the incision area, just in case no cancer is still lurking near the surface of my skin. When they cut into me during surgery they could have dragged some cancer cells with the instruments. They want to do extra treatments in that area. I've heard some people are out for the count that last week, pretty heavy doses.

I had three techs today working with me. The new guy was back but luckily not overpowered with cologne. I closed my eyes and relaxed mostly, very tired today.

There was a volunteer waiting in the waiting area when i finished up. He's very cheery and likes to talk alot, uplifting energy. I wasnt able to sit and chat today, needed to get home.

Pulling a muscle in my back yesterday makes things a bit more challenging. I need to do laundry and clean up a bit but its not going to happen today. I am learning to do what i can and not to worry so much about the rest. I just wish i was up to cooking better meals lately.

Maybe i'll be up for cooking tomorrow

14 more to go!

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Natalie said...

Hi Jenn,
Thinking of you! I knew Nancy was heading up for a visit and it sounds like she learned a lot. Maybe she should have been a doctor...she has the bedside manner to be a good one. Thanks for sharing your daily experiences. It's a great way to stay connected with you across the miles. Natalie