Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day Twenty

Did NOT want to get out of bed, out from my warm blanket this morning, not at all.

Walked to radiation. I was reminded of living in NYC while walking to the hospital today. I remember when i first moved there. I was in such awe. Everything was fast and busy. Large buildings and crowded sidewalks. If you didnt walk fast and in a fairly straight line you could get bumped around. I quickly learned how to walk with speed and be able to weave in and out of crowds. It became a skill to maneuver my way to the subways and to my destinations. When i had to be at a catering gig, you couldnt be late. Today I was finding the pedestrian traffic especially busy for a small city. I had to decide whether or not i wanted to walk fast to pass someone or slow down to stay behind a person. I walk fast, so i usually pass people.

Yesterday i forgot to mention that i saw the nurse and doctor for my weekly check in appt. The nurse checked the area, and weighed me. She was going to leave but casually asked if i had started any new meds. I said i didnt know what she had listed. I told her one that i had started over a month ago, she didnt have that one listed. She then sat back down and listed off what she had for meds. Come to find out there were meds listed there that i had been taking during my chemotherapy treatments. Its been a month and a half since i've been on most of them. Good thing we straightened that out. Thats how organized they are at my new hospital.

Lesson learned......advocate for yourself!

I then saw the radiologist that i just love......yeah right. He comes in and shakes my hand. We've met 2 other times. He asks if i have any questions and checks the area as well. He tells me i may get a blister on one area or a couple of areas before i'm finished but not to worry cuz it will all get better once i'm finished with radiation. ok.....

Today i saw Mr A again. He's so sweet. He brought me a card. Very thoughtful. My mom showed up as well, to give me a ride home and let me use the car to go buy some groceries. I dropped her off and raced back home. I had two young girls coming over to clean my apartment. A woman who owns three businesses, one of them being a cleaning company, offered to give me some free cleaning. She is a cancer survivor as well, going on four years i believe. She helps people in treatment a couple hours a week. My place has been getting way behind in the clean department. I've never had cleaners come by before. I had heard of people wanting to clean before cleaners come over and i thought that was funny, but i was finding myself doing just that. I was making sure the litterbox was cleaned out and dishes done.

I met them and went food shopping while they cleaned. When i got back i was hit head on with a strong cleaning smell. Floor cleaner apparently. I just opened the windows and turned on a fan, that seems to be helping. They did a good job and it feels great to have a clean place. Now all i need to do is organize.

Grocery shopping wore me out for sure. I'm going to go rest and then bring back my moms car later tonight.....

Only 13 more to go!

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