Friday, October 5, 2007

Day Thirty Three

I made it! No more radiation! whew! so glad it's over!

Walked to radiation and remembered to take my camera with me. There is a statue of a Buddha that i pass every day, its near the hospital. I've noticed the owners of the statue will decorate the Buddha with seasonal clothes and items. During the summer i noticed goggles and beach wear were on him, now there is halloween items. When i first saw the statue with goggles on, my first reaction was that it was disrespectful. If a statue of Jesus or some other respected teacher was decorated that way, would it be received well? Then I realized that Buddha himself would probably get a kick out of the decorations. Its all in fun. We all need to remember to lighten up sometimes.

I took a picture of the Goulish Buddha and hopefully remembered to post it here. My step dad surprised me by showing up at the hospital. That was a nice. Mr A was there too.

I got to see a couple of survivors as well. They wanted to be excited for me, but i could tell it was hard, they want it to be over for them as well.

I took pics of the metal artwork on the ceiling and of the two techs i had the most dealings with. Mr A gave me flowers, one red rose and one yellow one, like from one of his stories he wrote. He had typed up a note to me as well, so sweet. I brought him a card too, thanking him for being so kind to me and to others. I also had brought a card for the techs. I put nurse C's name on the card too, but not sure why. She didnt even get up from her chair to say goodbye to me, only that she would call me next week for a check in.

Miss V and R gave me a hug, that was nice.

I'm glad to not have to wear those silly, ugly johnnys anymore. I can put lotion on after i shower, i can make plans in the morning hours and i can start doing other things with my life, start living again.

My stepdad and I went to have some breakfast, very yummy. I got a couple of movies at the video store. I realize i still need to take it easy this weekend.

I got a delivery of a dozen red roses with a "congratulations!" balloon attached to it from my London friend Dan, such a sweetheart! He had given me roses on my first day of chemo as well, which happened to also be valentines day, and a blizzard, not the most fun day, but the roses brightened it up. So, its been almost eight months since that first day of treatment. Wow.

My friend Dan had a mini bottle of sparkling wine in his fridge too, so we both opened up our bottles and had a toast! It was only 4:30pm here and 9:30pm in England.

I had rested a couple of hours before i had called him.

My birthday is on monday so he had also sent me something from Amazon dot com but i hadn't opened it up yet, i wanted to wait till he was on the phone. It was an i pod Nano! So sweet! little thing. How do they do it? I swear i must be cursed with the technology devices. Every time i try things computer like or electronic something happens. I tried to get the nano started and for some reason its says the i-pod is corrupted and i tried to restore it and it wont let me. I really want to use my new toy. I'll have to call tech support tomorrow. Can't wait to start using it! Maybe all the radiation rays short circuited it? I'm glowing now, hot hot hot....eggs anyone?

I'm glad that what i'm complaining about it some music device instead of aches and pains, or blood counts or my hair not coming in, or worse. I'm back into the mundane complaining that lots of people have.

I know i am really lucky and I want to appreciate what i have, more often. I hope i can give back to people and show how grateful i am for all the generosity i've received from so many.

This coming week however, its time to party!! If you have a drink in hand sometime this week, maybe you can toast me and toast yourself, toast life!

I did it, 33 treatments! Whoooo hoooo!

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JWL said...

Congratulations, Jenn! You are strong and healthy!