Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day Thirty Two

I posted twice today, so check out day thirty one down the page.....

I woke up with a mantra this morning...."only two more to go...only two more to go"

Rough last few days. Didn't feel so good yesterday, was in bed most of the afternoon. Mostly major fatigue.

Walked to the hospital today. I had this voice in my head from Finding Nemo, when Dory says "just keep swimming, just keep swimming....", i can make it....yes i can!

Warm day already. It smelled like summer. It is October isnt it? Supposed to be in the high 70's low 80's the next few days. So odd. I remember growing up and not being so happy about when my birthday was. I couldnt have a pool party or a beach party. My birthday was always so freezing cold. Maybe not this year.

Mr A was in the waiting area when i had gotten changed for my treatment. He said he had something special for me tomorrow, on my last day. He hinted to one of his stories about flowers, maybe he'll bring me some flowers? He's such a sweetheart. I wish someone would write a story about him. Maybe i will. I would love to at least video tape him telling some of his stories. He's got lots of them, life stories.

When i lived in NC i used to work part time for some older people living in their homes. I was a personal assistant. I cooked, cleaned, even helped some take showers if they were unable to stand up etc. I sometimes thought of myself as a housekeeper and thought i didnt get paid enough, barely above minimum wage, but then other times i cherished my time with the people i worked for. I heard some amazing stories from some amazing people. Stories about Martin Luther King Jr coming to town and how scared people were, how some people ran into the woods for safety from the riots. Story after story. Of course due to confidentiality i couldnt record any of them in any way. I did write some info down in my journal. I ended up going to a couple of funerals of the people who trusted me with their personal history. I felt honored to have known them. Mr A reminds me of some of the people i met down south. If you take a few extra minutes and listen to a story, it may really make you think and wonder.

The buzzing took 51 seconds today. I may have been counting fast.

From the hospital I walked to the Whole Wallet and got some supplements and a few items i needed. As i was searching for something i noticed i was having trouble breathing. The feeling like when you are in a humid place, can't quite get a full breath. It worried me a bit when it didn't seem to subside and decided to call my mom to see if she could come get me, take me home. I wasn't sure i could walk all the way home. I had a couple hills to climb and it was heating up outside. It wasnt worth the risk. Luckily my mom was able to come get me. Thank you mom ! I got myself a mini bottle of sparkling wine to have tomorrow night, to celebrate my final day of radiation! Whoohoo!! I haven't had any alcohol since new years eve. Watch out!

Only One more to go!!!!!

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Natalie said...

Hi Jenn,
As I write this, I realize that you have completed your treatments. Yippy!! It's friday afternoon and I'm wondering if you've opened that wine yet. You're in my thoughts. Rest well.
Love, Natalie