Thursday, January 10, 2013

Food for Thought

Lessons Learned------Lessons Shared
By Susan Sanderford and her husband Milt
'When we leave this physical body we are immediately birthed back into the spirit dimension, that place we all came from and to which we all one day will return. That dying process is literally a graduation back to the place we all know as "home." An existence of unimaginable beauty, comfort, peace, that must cause our first return-thought to be—"Why in the hell did I ever choose to leave this place?"
We learned if our physical death is caused by a violent action, our souls— the very essence of who and what we are, our eternal souls are removed from our physical bodies before that violent action takes place. In other words, before the impact of the car crash, before the fire can consume us, before the explosion takes place, before the bullet strikes—we are whisked away before there is a chance for us to experience the trauma, discomfort or pain. This act of grace allows for a smooth and painless transition.
We pop out of our physical earth-suit and are immediately surrounded by loved ones who have passed over before, along with our spirit guides and angels. As Milt's mom Trudy explained, the reunion takes place producing a euphoric-like feeling. No fear, no stress, no wondering WHY? A major celebration takes place. After all—after having made such a journey to experience earth-school—no matter for a year or a hundred years in earth-time—we're finally back HOME!
As great as that sounds, and as great an experience that may be for the person who just died—the loved one remaining on the earth plane rarely feels that euphoria, that sense of celebration, that envelopment in love and peace. The remaining loved one usually feels a part of their heart has been torn out in a painful manner. The remaining loved one feels an overwhelming sense of loss and emptiness. Not only from the physical loss - but the loss of a dream of what might have been. That future together, places to go and things to do.
Why is that reaction to the same experience so dramatically different? Well, in truth, it's rather easy to understand. When we live in human form here on planet earth-school, our understanding is limited to the development of our human minds. From the earliest of time we've been taught to fear death—by our parents and church. We're told that death can eventually be a good thing—a place in heaven—or a very bad thing, tortuous exposure to the fires of hell and satin himself.
We're led to believe the finality of death—the ending of our existence. We're usually not exposed to the truth—that death is merely a rebirth back to the spirit dimension, that place of eternal growth and learning , surround by love, comfort and peace. That return to home and all that is good.'


Anonymous said...

Loved reading your blogs...You Inspire Me! :D Always remember that you are not alone. Sending love, Sheryl (from ccc group)

Jenngie said...

Thank you Sheryl!

Renee said...

I just copied the above lessons learned, lessons shared since it was so different from anything I have ever read before and I want to save it. Thanks for sharing.

Jenngie said...


Susan Sanderford is a great spiritual teacher I find. I get on her email list and this was on one of her recent email postings.

i bet if you google her name you'd find her page and you'll be able to get on her email list too.