Saturday, January 12, 2013

Film Update

Ok, I must be in a "blogging-type-of-mood" today, since this is the THIRD post I posted this morning.

I realized I haven't updated you all on what's happening with the documentary film.

Well, some disappointing news....the first film makers told me they are backing out of the film. Not making it anymore. I won't get into all the reasons why and so forth.....I'm not here to bash anyones' reputation or gossip etc....

I will say for me that it was a bit like a rug being pulled out from under me. I opened up myself to my inner feelings and had a LOT of hopes for the film to continue. It seems we had different visions for the film.

Lessons learned.


All is not lost.

The other film maker I had mentioned meeting with has discussed with me the option of doing a shorter film. Maybe even a 15 minute film. More if the footage needs to be out there. We'll assess as things happen. We are going to meet soon to start with some interviews (filmed) and go from there.

So, I feel like I learned a lot about what I want and don't want for MY film and to also trust the film maker and let go of some of the control as well. There is a balance to be found that I'm sure we'll all get to regarding the film.

I feel strongly that the film needs to get out there in the world somehow and someway. I will work on trusting that it will work out the way it is supposed to.

Letting go of the doves and trust they find their destination.

I will update about the film as things happen.

Thank you all SO very much for reading my blog and if you can post a comment from time to time I would love to hear from you all too and what you think. Even if you do not agree with me, your point of view is important to me.

Peace and Love


S. R. Roy said...

Hi, Jenn:
It's hard for us to maintain balance in this world, isn't it? --even with regard to things we think are "settled." It sounds like you're making inroads...Keep going!
See you for lunch!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Sending you lots of peaceful thoughts.