Sunday, January 6, 2013

Simple Things?

Hi ya'll

This morning I woke up to find 14 mourning doves in the tree out my window. A light snow falling. Beautiful! I feed the birds on my little window ledge. Only about 4 doves can fit at a time. The others wait their turn. Stewie is also watching from below, hoping I will open the window for him to jump up and grab one of them. Not gonna happen Stewie. LOL

I wanted to blog about a few things, I'll start with one and see how long I blather on.

There are certain things that I'm sure everyone does at the beginning of a new year. Like turn your calendar over or put up a new one. Start to write 2013 on checks and papers etc....

Well, I always get a new planner and then take my old one, go thru it from the beginning of last year, and write down in my new calendar, all the birthdays, anniversaries, including death anniversaries, and important dates to remember,...all go in my new planner.

Seems pretty simple and boring right?

Well, I thought so too until I started to do so this year.

I got to about April/May and then thought to myself...."I don't know why I'm doing this?, I'm not going to be here by then." I keep adding dates anyway. Then I get to June and start reading how I found out about the cancer coming back. How it all started. What my days looked like then. All the tests scheduled to see what was going on. We first thought it was just pneumonia. Which of course isn't a picnic and can be deadly, don't get me wrong. I just didn't think it was the cancer coming back.

So, I then get to October, my birthday month and all these emotions start to come up. I keep adding the dates anyway. I laugh and think that maybe my friend Nancy can have my planner and she can add the birthdays that maybe she forgets about or anniversary dates etc..... So, I write a little smiley face here and there imagining her coming across them later on after I"m gone and laughing. Or.....

I made it all the way to December of 2013. I like to finish a project when I start one, but this one was tricky. I didn't see that one coming. The emotions that could come from such a simple act as adding birthdays to a calendar.

You just never know.

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