Friday, April 19, 2013

New Symptoms and Hope

There are new symptoms to deal with lately.

Dizziness, and redness around the needle site, itchiness. Hopefully it doesn't mean I'm done with the subcutaneous needle. Or maybe its a good thing to be finished with it since its been a bit annoying to say the least.

My friend Nancy called my blue bag that I have to carry along..... Bob. LOL

I can say....."OK Bob, lets go....or......stop being so heavy Bob"...or many annoyances Bob causes. It does help to give it a name.

Maybe I'll have to go to the PICC line earlier than we thought. The subcutaneous one is causing rashes and itchiness and pain ......etc.....

I'm a sensitive girl, thats for sure. :) But that's NOT a bad thing.

People in my inner circle around me have been great about the depression. They have a lot of reasons to be depressed. Don't worry about it. I do know thats true. Being helped into the shower with a sweet Home Health Aide, maybe twenty? I started crying.....sorry if I'm repeating she didn't know why I was crying. I tried to explain that its one more thing to deal with. To be attached to a device is not easy. Taking a shower isn't easy when you can't get the needle area wet. We did get some of it wet but it seemed not to be near the needle. Whew. It felt good to clean my hair again and to scrub my self clean. yay! But to have a 20 year old help saran wrap me all around me while I'm naked and to then have it not work was frustrating. She was great about seeing me and not commenting to anything. Very sweet. I do like her. Its just one more step for me to get used to.

Whats the next step?

Great news is that my brother and I hope his girlfriend are coming up to see me today and then leaving tomorrow. I'm so happy to see him. Been a little while for sure.

I love to see them both.

My good friend Nancy will be here again too. Very good news!! I know they will be ok with me being depressed or whatever mood i'm in. Fixing it doesn't help, it most of the time makes things worse.

Thats about all for today.

I'm hoping the sun will shine for a good part of the day today so we can go to the beach.

And i'm also hoping I will be in better spirits tomorrow and when I next post to you all.

Blessings and Love to you all!


Ellis Hughes said...

Love your little Hope rock ... and hope that y'all are able to have a rock ceremony....Hugs to you and Mark ... Love, Ellis

S. R. Roy said...

Have a good day, Jenn, and please say "Hi!" to Mark and Laura for me. Oh, what the heck, you might as well say "Hi!" to Bob as well. :)

See you tomorrow!

Love you.

Geneva Nelson said...

Love and hugs to you Jenn. Happy that its a nice day today - not as much sun as we might like, but at least its warm! Hope you are enjoying spending time with everyone.

Bob sounds like a good name for your new 'companion'. You can swear at him better now that he has a name!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday! <3 Love you!!! Gen