Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rock Release

Back a while ago I had in mind of having a rock ritual I called it. Where a bunch of people would go to the beach and we'd take all the rocks that I've gathered or have been given to me, and give them all back to Mother Earth. I thought maybe we'd create a symbol of some kind on the sand and knowing that people would find them.

These rocks are from many places. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Maine, NH, and then rocks that have been given to me with sayings on them, like Love, Healing, Hope, , then the rocks that have been polished to look almost unnatural  but still pretty non the less.

Things have changed for me since my first thought of what I wanted to do with the rocks. I now can not handle large crowds of people and I certainly can not facilitate a group really large either. So I had to tell everyone it was canceled. That was hard to do.

Then my brother and his girlfriend were planning on coming up anyway, along with my dear friend Nancy. So, I decided I'd have a small gathering of friends and do one. There were 7 of us total. We saw the fog lift and blow away as we walked toward this small cliff area. The sun was pretty much fully out when we got to our destination. I was so happy I could walk there ok. I did have some help when I needed it.

I had everyone sit on blankets in a circle and I read something that I wrote the night before. I wanted to say something but not make it too long or too formal. I really just wanted it to be about releasing the rocks back into the ocean. Not on the sand as before. Into the ocean and the ocean can decide what it wants to do with the stones. It may take years before one of them comes to shore. Or there could be a bunch of them now in peoples' pockets going to some destination. I love the idea of someone finding a stone that was found in Ireland and having that person so excited that they found such a unique stone. Wondering where the stones end up is fun to imagine.

The ritual for me was to also represent a letting go of fear, anxiety and control. To also release my body back into the the soil, water, fire and air when the time comes. Rocks are part of the earth, and so will I be once again.

My friends and family were shouting out things for releasing for me or for themselves. It was so wonderful to hear their voices shouting different things as they threw the rocks. Lots of the rocks only made it to the seaweed. It wasn't high tide. But the water came back last night and gathered up the stones.

I felt so much joy and my heart chakra and my throat chakra were vibrating incredibly. I felt lighter for sure.

One of my friends said she thought my aura was glowing all around me. I believe it. What a wonderful experience for me and I hope for everyone there. We all hugged and cried and sang a song that I love........

"We all come from the goddess, and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain....flowing to the ocean....." .....singing it over and over.....

Thank you to all my friends/family that made it to the ritual. I'll never forget it.

Love to you all


Ellis Hughes said...

Just sounds wonderful, Jenn. So glad you all were able to enjoy and share your light and love.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

The "rock ritual" sounds beautiful. What ocean did you go to?

I'm thinking of you often and with love.


Me From Maine said...

The ritual sounds truly wonderful! You are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful community around you, Jenn. Love, Val xo

N. Jamison said...

I'm so glad you got to do this! It sounds like an incredible experience!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I am so glad you did this...


Anonymous said...

beautiful - so glad you did it and shared with us
love amanda