Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day Eight

Walked to radiation today, nice out, a bit humid. Felt a little queasy this morning. My cat woke me up around 4am, so I'm a bit tired. Nothing too exciting happened today. Met this man in the waiting room who looked to be in his early eighties or so. He asked how things were going for me. He told me that about four years ago he went through radiation and had to go twice a day. He remembered it was once at 8am and then back again at 3pm, and during the winter. He said he made it to the hospital through sleet, snow, and bitter cold. He said "I made it through ok, i'm sure you will too" Puts my situation into perspective.

Before I had gone into the hospital I had some time to kill. I decided to walk to my favorite tree. It has been way too long since i've seen it. The climbing tree. i asked the tree as i leaned against it, one hand on its trunk, to help me, to give me some strength that i know it has, to help with my healing. Trees have amazing energy if you stop and listen and feel it, its there.

I took a bus home and relaxed for a bit before i was due to get a ride from a volunteer who occasionally gives me a ride to the cancer community center. Shes really nice, and has a sweet dog who sometimes comes along for the ride. I wasnt feeling too hot by the time she showed up but i hadnt been to the center in a couple of weeks, so i decided to go anyway. I felt some benefit from the meditation and was feeling pretty good.

Then i went to the knitting class. After a little while, i wasnt feeling so hot. Nauseous, and feverish feeling, couldnt concentrate well, just all around yucky. A couple of women told me that they had heard about radiation sickness, that it is real, maybe thats what i'm feeling? I wanted to leave the center but had to wait for my ride to come back. I got dropped off around 2:30 at my place. I cancelled plans i had had with my step sister. I wasnt up for a visit. One more treatment this week then three days off, thank god!
Only 25 more to go!

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