Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day Six

I’m sitting at a coffee shop that i don’t like supporting due to its "chain" energy, but i was under the impression that they had wireless access for my laptop. Now that i’m using it, i find that not to be true. strange, you’d think the big guys would have the capability. This is the first time i’ve taken my laptop out of my house and possibly the last unless i’m using a car to lugg it around. My shoulder and back are killing me. Well, i didnt mean to go on about that.

I was running late today and took a bus into my radiation treatment instead of walking. I knew i’d be walking enough downtown to make up for it. I met the mysterious L guy who works in radiology who keeps walking in and out of the room where i’m getting my treatment. He’s a funny guy, i laughed a lot. You tend to remember the times you laugh these days, felt good. No issues during treatment, i almost dozed off at one point, havent been sleeping well for a while now. My eye was twitching yesterday due to lack of sleep.

I left the hospital..... and a few blocks from the hospital i came across a cat who looked pretty skinny and not so good. It could possible be he was just old, but it didnt seem it to me. I wanted to do something, but all i did was pet him and talk to him, he then walked out into the street, i was so nervous, but he made it ok, he and i kept looking back at one another, he stopped in the middle of the road and looked back at me like he wanted to follow me but couldnt decide if he should. Not having a car and not sure if he was a stray, i didnt take any action but if i see him again i may do something about him. I'll keep an eye out for him.

Next I went to a cool little breakfast/ lunch cafe. It was so hot in there, no a/c, whew! But they have good food. There are probably 10-12 tables in there and not many were filled but its usually pretty busy. After a while i look over at one table and notice a young woman with a scarf on her head. I think i recognize her from the other hospital i went to for my chemo. she looks like she is in her late 20’s. shes with a man having her breakfast. I kept looking over at her, i wanted to make eye contact, say to her, “I know”, or “how’s it going?”, but we never made eye contact, i know she knew i was there, but maybe she wasnt in a place to connect like that. I respect that. What are the chances that another woman, young woman, is in the same small restaurant going thru the same issues, Cancer? I guess its not that strange, unfortunately more and more young people are getting cancer. Its the kids that I cant get my head around sometimes. When i see a young child who has no hair, i wonder what they are going through, if they are suddenly growing up way too fast, or if they can somehow retain their childhood, hold on to it tight.
Only 27 more sessions to go!

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