Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day Five

I had the use of my moms car, so decided to walk down to the beach near me, walk the boardwalk like i used to do before i started radiation.
It was so beautiful and peaceful at 6:30am. I love to see the dogs playing on the beach, they have to be off the beach by 8am. I realize i’m out of shape when i huff and puff up the hill on the last leg of my walk, i used to be able to walk it without struggling too much.
I went off the wagon, so to speak, this past weekend, eating some junk, but boy was it good, didnt walk either. I figured i deserved a couple days off after getting through my first week of rads. Now its back to business.

I found a decent parking spot near the hospital and checked in at the
front desk. I found out that one of the techs was only filling in for another woman while she was on vacation, so the woman i liked the most is now gone, unfortunately. Bummer. The woman now in her position is nice but she talks too much, i was actually getting used to the silence and being able to zone out a bit, not that you can actually zone out really, not with the table going up and down, back and forth, adjusting...... but to an extent. Tech V is very nice and I dont want to complain, its just that you get used to someone and have it set in your mind that they are there to stay, and thats how things are going to be for a while, and now its different. I’ll get used to it soon enough, i’m sure.

I then saw the radiologist on duty, the same one i saw last week. He wanted to see my wound from the mole removal, i told him about my symptoms friday and he told me that basically it couldnt be the radiation that caused those symptoms, "not after only 4 treatments." I had found others who have had the same symptoms as me, so i know its not just me and not a virus as he suggested. Some doctors think they know it all, so frustrating! I’m not falling into that pattern. I know what my body is reacting to, i know the truth. It's being assaulted by radioactive rays, of course the rest of my body is going to react.

I then left and went to the old hospital i had had my chemo at. I wanted to hug the old crew and tell them how greatful i am for the care i got from them. I saw my nurse and one lady who worked at the desk, i gave my nurse a hug and it was so good to see them. They were a sight for sore eyes for sure.

I then went to my osteopath, shes wonderful! She said after my treatment that my body was definitely freaking out, that maybe the new treatment was shocking to it. My body is adjusting and getting used to the radiation. I’m feeling pretty good now, at home and had my protein lunch, a bit tired but doing good. Only 28 more sessions to go!

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