Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day Four

No dramas today. Walked to radiation like usual, i made a point
of telling S that i had had an off day yesterday, she told
me that i was entitled to have one.

Only one thing out of the ordinary happened during treatment. At one point when the machine was moving around me, it hit one of the devices that holds my arm up. I remembered that they can hear me out in the other room, so i said, "uh, R...R..... and looked towards the machine. i didnt want it to radiate me wrong if it moved me off of position. S and R made sure iwas in position before they proceded.

Afterwards i met with a woman who is also a survivor. We went to have coffee at a fairly new coffee shop/cafe near my place. This woman is an inspiration to me, a really down to earth, generous, very sweet person whom i’m so greatful to have connected with. I was able to ask her some questions about radiation and vent a bit about my experiences. Very helpful. We also parked at the ocean for a bit, i all of a sudden didnt feel so well, was really really tired, my eyes were struggling to stay open and my stomache was feeling a bit nauseous. She took me home.

i felt really off for most of the night. really hot and radiating heat, seemed like everywhere. not hungry but made myself eat anyway. trying to drink lots of water. i layed down for about an hour or so and may have even slept for a few minutes, which is unusual. I hope i feel better tomorrow. i have two days off, thankfully, no "cooking" happening for at least 48 hours. Only 29 more to go!

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